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Bagus Natural Stone

[Indonesien] Pink Pebble stone

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This pebble is available in clear plactig bag @ 20 kgs, or into jumbo bag each 1 jumbo bag = 1 ton. We have many colours and size.
Indonesia beach stones is sorted by hand, They very beautiful pebble, It can be used on mat or mesh, Pebble on mesh.
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Katalog/Branche: Bauwesen -> Baustoffe -> Stein, Marmor


Bagus Natural Stone

Straße:Tanggulangin Asri J -4
Telefon: +62 31 8948462
Fax: +62 31 8948462


Name und Vorname: Wiken Setiabudi
Telefon: +62 31 8956845
Handy: +888 03741811
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