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[China]Kitchen Top

There are more than 100 colours of granite / marble countertops available. Form and function combined... Hard and durable surfaces. Easy to clean, incredible to behold. We can turn your kitchen into a masterpiece of form and functionality. State of the art manufacturing facilities allow us to custom build countertops to fit any space perfectly... and beautifully! Here are just a few of our fine examples.[...]


[China]Granite Slab

Slabs are available in standard sizes like 30 x 60 x 3cm, 40 x 40 x 3cm or 40 x 60 x 3cm with the most popular surface finish to be flamed or bushhammered. Brushing on flamed or bushhammered surface is a growing trend, while sandblasting shows a special taste under certain circumstances.[...]


[China]China blue stone (Chinees blauw hardsteen)

The Chinese blue stone is very similiar to Belgium blue stone in color, blue stone is widely used for interior flooring and exterior paving, it's availble to get processed in honed,flamed,brushed,bushhammered and natural split finishes. China blue stone tiles are available in sizes 20x20,20x40,40x60,40x40,60x60,80x80,100x100cm and cut-to-size according to specific requirements. Please feel free to contact for more detailed information.[...]


[China]Granite Vanity Top

Apexstone bathroom products including bathroom vanity tops (vanities, bathroom countertop slabs), granite bathroom vanity top, marble bathroom vanities, backsplash, end splash, vanity skirt, apron, soap dish, facial slot cut-out, toilet tissue cut-out. Shape of bathroom vanity tops can be straight front, bowed front, banjo front and drip less front. Standard prefab size of bathroom vanity top is 19"x25", 22"x31", 19"x37", 22"x49", 22"x61". With[...]



The product of Turkish origin. Available as in Tiles, Slabs, Cut to Size and blocks.[...]


[China]Hand-carved marble fireplace

Fireplace mantels, natural stone, limestone, chimney pieces.[...]


[Türkei]Bianco Venato

The stone of Turkish origin. Available in Tiles, Slabs, Cut to size materials and blocks. We are ready to offer you our first quality materials, and the best price.[...]



That stone is one of the popular stone in Beige group in Turkey. Available as in Tiles, Slabs, Cut to size materials and blocks. We would like to offer you our best quality and prices.[...]


[Polen]Fassadenplatten,MAUER PREUßISCH

Gespaltete Platte „Schichtmauer“ – Die Platte „Schichtmauer“ ist in der Form der Stücken mit den verlängerten Gestalten hergestellt. Sie ist in der Gestalt der Elementen in der verschiedenen Lange zugänglich. Die zu der Wand beklebte Seite ist nach der Säge glatt, und die äussere Seite ist natürlich gespaltet. Sie ist zu den allerhanden Inner- und Aussenfassaden angewandt. Foerderung und Bearbeitung des Sandsteines. Produktion der Elemente und Kaminverschalungen, Steindienstleistungen.[...]



Gehsteigplatte – Die Gehsteigplatte ist in der Form der zweiseitig geschnittenen Stücken in der Standarddicke 4 Zm hergestellt. Sie ist zum Auslegen der Fusswegen, der Gartenplätzen und auf die Terrasenpflaster angewandt. Aus der Gehsteigplatten kann man auch allerhande Lehnmauer ausführen.[...]